Become a Community Leader

Think you've got what it takes? Become a 1DegreeBio Community Leader

1DegreeBio is looking for community leaders to help us spread the word about 1DegreeBio and it's free tools across labs and institutions.

What is a community leader?

A 1DB community leader is an active member of a research lab that works in areas such as molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, medical research....etc. They become part of our team and act as a community representative for their campus.

How you can get Involved:

  • Share 1DB Video (View on YouTube)
  • Help us spread the word about 1DegreeBio by hanging posters around your institution. Some ideal places for posters are: on bulletin boards near flow sorting and microscopy rooms, near elevators, near grad student offices, near labs you've overheard talking about Westerns, ChIP, IHC, FACS etc. (Download posters)
  • Refer colleagues who use reagents such as antibodies and kits to check out 1DegreeBio (Invite a colleague).


  • Letter of Referral from 1DegreeBio Management and Scientific Advisory Board
  • List your role on your CV & LinkedIn
  • The satisfaction that you are changing the world of scientific research (in addition to your own research, of course)

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