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About Abbiotec

Abbiotec is a company focused on developing and commercializing next generation antibodies and reagents for the life science research community. Our approach and business concepts were born out of a need and our strong desire to deliver antibodies against druggable proteins. Our proprietary technologies allow us to select, design, and produce antibodies, lysates, and various reagents with a high degree of skill and efficiency so researchers can better focus their energies on their experimental designs and ideas. Abbiotec offers a large library of unique antibodies targeted against high value druggable proteins. Our aim is to eventually build the most comprehensive and valuable library of antibodies and related reagents that target the estimated 4,000 human disease proteins. Abbiotec will also offer various complementary kits and solutions in the areas of genomics, proteomics, cell and tissue culture, and areas important for studies in functional genomics, signaling pathways, immunology, cancer, and brain disorders.