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Affinity Biologicals Inc.

About Affinity Biologicals Inc.

Affinity Biologicals Inc. (ABI) is now in it's twentieth year as a manufacturer of antibodies and antibody-related products for use in thrombosis and haemostasis research as well as medical diagnostics manufacturing. ABI has a quality system certified to ISO-13485 standards and is USFDA-QSR compliant. Its product line consists of more than 200 antibody products, matched-pair antibody sets for ELISA, affinity-depleted coagulation factor or protease inhibitor deficient plasmas, and the VisuLize line of ELISA assay kits. ABI has key affiliations with The Hamilton Civic Hospitals Research Centre, McMaster University, Hemostasis Reference Laboratory as well as scientists nationally and internationally. Affinity Biologicals has provided annual scholarships to graduate students in health sciences since 1999.