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4 - Excellent (Publishable / Ideal reagent)
Application: RIA
Sample: Microdialysate
Buffer: RIA buffer (phospate+anti-oxidant)
Dilution: 1/500
3 - Good (Publishable / Would use again)
Application: RIA
Sample: microdialysate
Buffer: RIA buffer (phospate+anti-oxidant)
Dilution: 1/500

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  • Custom Peptide Synthesis
  • Custom Immunology Kit formulation
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About Bachem

Bachem is an independent, technology-based, public biochemicals company providing full service to the pharma and biotech industry. Bachem is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as innovative biochemicals for research purposes. With headquarters in Bubendorf, Switzerland, and affiliates in Europe and the US, Bachem works on a global scale and holds a leading position in the field of peptides.