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Custom services

  • Custom Peptide Synthesis
  • Custom Gene Synthesis
  • Large Scale Monoclonal Antibody Production from Hybridoma
  • Large Scale Plasmid DNA Preparation
  • Vector-Based siRNA Synthesis
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About Biomatik

Since 2002, Biomatik has provided worldwide researchers with superior quality and exceptional service. We have strived to be the world's leading supplier of life science products and custom services by offering industry-leading innovation, quality and customer-satisfaction. Biomatik offers a broad range of bio-reagents, including biochemicals, enzymes, PCR related products, biokits, culture media, and catalog antibodies. Most of our products are in stock - in fact, over 98% of our orders are filled from stock, so you can expect the shortest turnaround time possible.Biomatik also provides a comprehensive portfolio of custom services that include custom oligo, gene, peptide, protein and antibody services. We work closely with our partners at the R&D and production levels to provide complete customized solutions to help unveil the mysteries of life sciences.