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About Orbigen

Orbigen develops, manufactures and markets reagent tools for proteomic research. They are best known for novel antibodies, innovative gene expression technologies, and reliable custom protein expression services. By being at the forefront of technology development, they are proud to provide timely and quality products that help customers continuously push the limits of what's possible. Orbigen is a young and rapidly growing company headquartered in San Diego, California, one of the world's largest clusters of life science research institutes and companies. They employ an extensive group of dynamic and talented scientists who are empowered to create unique and exciting solutions to address customers' research needs. Many of their scientists are founding members and seasoned veterans from industry leaders. Their experienced technical staff strives to provide high-quality products and expert technical support to life science researchers worldwide. In addition to providing unique research tools, they can also help customers commercialize their ideas and reagents. Orbigen has extensive experience and a proven track record for working with inventors to timely and effectively bring important reagents to market.