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P.A.R.I.S Anticorps

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  • Monoclonal Antibody Production Services
  • Polyclonal Antibody Production Services
  • Isotyping Services
  • Antibody Purification Services
  • Antibody Conjugation Services
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About P.A.R.I.S Anticorps

PARIS Anticorps became ABLIANCE in 2014. ABLIANCE is an antibody manufacturer well established in Europe as a supplier of antibodies for research institutions and diagnostic industries. ANTIBODY SERVICES : - Each year its clients entrust ABLIANCE with over 100 new antibodies for development and production purposes. - ABLIANCE carefully manages the industrial property of its clients, works on trust and confidence, and satisfies the high level of requirements on reactivity, traceability and confidentiality. PRODUCTS : - Secondary antibodies: an extensive range of species, specificities and labels, enabling sensitive and reliable detection in ELISA, WB, immunohistochemistry, immunocytology, flow cytometry and more. - Coagulation reagents: a range launched in 2014 to meet the needs of emerging countries.