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University of Toronto Murine Imaging and Histology

Custom services

  • Fluorescent Microscopy
  • Microinjection / Electrophysiology Scope
  • Image processing
  • Histology - Sample processing and embedding
  • Transfection of primary cells / tissues
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About University of Toronto Murine Imaging and Histology

The aim of the Murine Imaging and Histology (MIH) core is to facilitate the morphologic analysis of wild-type and genetically modified mice, principally through optical-based methods. Our primary focus is analysis of the murine central nervous system, as mice represent an increasingly valuable system for modeling aspects of human neuronal injury and disease. The facility is designed to allow investigators to observe and characterize structural alterations at both the regional and cell-specific level. These facilities also allow researchers to perform a variety of gene transduction experiments on primary cells, in either in vitro, ex vivo, or in vivo contexts.