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A-kinase anchor protein 9

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Protein Overview: A-kinase anchor protein 9

Binds to type II regulatory subunits of protein kinase A. Scaffolding protein that assembles several protein kinases and phosphatases on the centrosome and Golgi apparatus. May be required to maintain the integrity of the Golgi apparatus. Isoform 4 is associated with the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor and is specifically found in the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) as well as in neuronal synapses, suggesting a role in the organization of postsynaptic specializations.

Synonyms: AKAP-9, A-kinase anchor protein 120 kDa, AKAP 120, Protein kinase A-anchoring protein 9, PRKA9

Gene name: AKAP9

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Oryctolagus cuniculus Q28628 100009203
Homo sapiens A4D1F0 10142
Mus musculus Q3TH74 100986

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