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ABC transporter C family member 2

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Protein Overview: ABC transporter C family member 2

Pump for glutathione S-conjugates. Mediates the transport of S-conjugates such as GSH, S-(2,4-dinitrophenyl)-glutathione (DNP-GS), GSSG, cyanidin 3-glucoside-GS (C3G-GS) and metolachlor-GS (MOC-GS), glucuronides such as 17-beta-estradiol 17-(beta-D-glucuronide) (E(2)17betaG), and of the chlorophyll catabolite such as B.napus nonfluorescent chlorophyll catabolite (Bn-NCC-1).

Synonyms: ABC transporter ABCC.2, AtABCC2, ATP-energized glutathione S-conjugate pump 2, Glutathione S-conjugate-transporting ATPase 2, Multidrug resistance-associated protein 2

Gene name: Abcc2

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Arabidopsis thaliana O22449 818031
Dictyostelium discoideum Q54VJ0 8622499

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