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Abl interactor 1

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Protein Overview: Abl interactor 1

May act in negative regulation of cell growth and transformation by interacting with nonreceptor tyrosine kinases ABL1 and/or ABL2. May play a role in regulation of EGF-induced Erk pathway activation. Involved in cytoskeletal reorganization and EGFR signaling. Together with EPS8 participates in transduction of signals from Ras to Rac. In vitro, a trimeric complex of ABI1, EPS8 and SOS1 exhibits Rac specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) activity and ABI1 seems to act as an adapter in the complex. Regulates ABL1-mediated phosphorylation of ENAH. Recruits WASF1 to lamellipodia and there seems to regulate WASF1 protein level.

Synonyms: Abelson interactor 1, Abi-1, Eps8 SH3 domain-binding protein, Eps8-binding protein, e3B1

Gene name: Abi1

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Rattus norvegicus Q9QZM5
Mus musculus Q3U8V0 11308
Homo sapiens A9Z1Y6 10006

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