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Aminopeptidase Q

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Protein Overview: Aminopeptidase Q

Metalloprotease which may be important for placentation by regulating biological activity of key peptides at the embryo-maternal interface. On synthetic substrates it shows a marked preference for Leu-4-methylcoumaryl-7-amide (Leu-MCA) over Met-MCA, Arg-LCA and Lys-LCA. Cleaves the N-terminal amino acid of several peptides such as angiotensin-3, kisspeptin-10 and endokinin C.

Synonyms: AP-Q, CHL2 antigen, Laeverin

Gene name: AQPEP

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Homo sapiens A8K6J0 206338
Mus musculus Q2KHK3

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