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Protein Overview: Angiogenin

May function as a tRNA-specific ribonuclease that abolishes protein synthesis by specifically hydrolyzing cellular tRNAs. Binds to actin on the surface of endothelial cells; once bound, angiogenin is endocytosed and translocated to the nucleus. Angiogenin induces vascularization of normal and malignant tissues. Angiogenic activity is regulated by interaction with RNH1 in vivo.

Synonyms: Ribonuclease 5, RNase 5

Gene name: ANG

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Saguinus oedipus Q8WN62
Green monkey Q8WN66
Mus musculus P21570 11727
Equus caballus Q5VI84 100034041
Macaca mulatta Q8WN63
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