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Protein Overview: Ankyrin-2

Attaches integral membrane proteins to cytoskeletal elements. Also binds to cytoskeletal proteins. Required for coordinate assembly of Na/Ca exchanger, Na/K ATPase and InsP3 receptor at sarcoplasmic reticulum sites in cardiomyocytes (By similarity). Required for the coordinated expression of the Na/K ATPase, Na/Ca exchanger and beta-2-spectrin (SPTBN1) in the inner segment of rod photoreceptors. Required for expression and targeting of SPTBN1 in neonatal cardiomyocytes and for the regulation of neonatal cardiomyocyte contraction rate.

Synonyms: ANK-2, Ankyrin-B, Brain ankyrin, Non-erythroid ankyrin

Gene name: ANK2

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Homo sapiens Q01484 287
Mus musculus Q3TM62 109676

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