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Protein Overview: Apelin

Endogenous ligand for APJ, an alternative coreceptor with CD4 for HIV-1 infection. Inhibits HIV-1 entry in cells coexpressing CD4 and APJ. Apelin-36 has a greater inhibitory activity on HIV infection than other synthetic apelin derivatives. The oral intake in the colostrum and the milk could have a role in the modulation of the immune responses in neonates. May also have a role in the central control of body fluid homeostasis by influencing AVP release and drinking behavior.

Synonyms: APJ endogenous ligand

Gene name: APLN

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Homo sapiens Q4VY08 8862
Bos taurus Q9TUI9 282143
Rattus norvegicus Q9R0R3 58812
Mus musculus Q9R0R4 30878

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