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Apoptosis-inducing factor 2

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Protein Overview: Apoptosis-inducing factor 2

Oxidoreductase, which may play a role in mediating a p53/TP53-dependent apoptosis response. Probable oxidoreductase that acts as a caspase-independent mitochondrial effector of apoptotic cell death. Binds to DNA in a sequence-independent manner. May contribute to genotoxin-induced growth arrest.

Synonyms: Apoptosis-inducing factor homologous mitochondrion-associated inducer of death, Apoptosis-inducing factor-like mitochondrion-associated inducer of death, p53-responsive gene 3 protein

Gene name: AIFM2

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Zebra finch B5FXE5 100190613
Homo sapiens B3KXI0 84883
Xenopus laevis Q6GLW8 100049086
Mus musculus Q8BUE4 71361
Western clawed frog B4F6I3 100216030
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