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Apoptotic chromatin condensation inducer in the nucleus

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Protein Overview: Apoptotic chromatin condensation inducer in the nucleus

Component of a splicing-dependent multiprotein exon junction complex (EJC) deposited at splice junction on mRNAs. The EJC is a dynamic structure consisting of a few core proteins and several more peripheral nuclear and cytoplasmic associated factors that join the complex only transiently either during EJC assembly or during subsequent mRNA metabolism. Induces apoptotic chromatin condensation after activation by CASP3. Regulates cyclin A1, but not cyclin A2, expression in leukemia cells.

Synonyms: Acinus

Gene name: ACIN1

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Homo sapiens B2RTT4 22985
Mus musculus B8JJ87 56215

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