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AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 5B

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Protein Overview: AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 5B

Transcription coactivator that binds to the 5'-AATA[CT]-3' core sequence and plays a key role in adipogenesis and liver development. Acts by forming a complex with phosphorylated PHF2, which mediates demethylation at Lys-336, leading to target the PHF2-ARID5B complex to target promoters, where PHF2 mediates demethylation of dimethylated 'Lys-9' of histone H3 (H3K9me2), followed by transcription activation of target genes. The PHF2-ARID5B complex acts as a coactivator of HNF4A in liver. Required for adipogenesis: regulates triglyceride metabolism in adipocytes by regulating expression of adipogenic genes. Overexpression leads to induction of smooth muscle marker genes, suggesting that it may also act as a regulator of smooth muscle cell differentiation and proliferation. Represses the cytomegalovirus enhancer.

Synonyms: ARID domain-containing protein 5B

Gene name: ARID5B

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Dog E2R9X2
Mus musculus E9Q523 71371
Zebrafish E7F888
Bos taurus E1BLP6
Gallus gallus Q5ZJ69 423661
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