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Ataxin-7-like protein 3

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Protein Overview: Ataxin-7-like protein 3

Component of the transcription regulatory histone acetylation (HAT) complex SAGA, a multiprotein complex that activates transcription by remodeling chromatin and mediating histone acetylation and deubiquitination. Within the SAGA complex, participates in a subcomplex that specifically deubiquitinates both histones H2A and H2B. The SAGA complex is recruited to specific gene promoters by activators such as MYC, where it is required for transcription. Required for nuclear receptor-mediated transactivation. Within the complex, it is required to recruit USP22 and ENY2 into the SAGA complex.

Synonyms: SAGA-associated factor 11 homolog

Gene name: ATXN7L3

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Homo sapiens Q14CW9 56970
Zebrafish A1L209 368510
Mus musculus A2AWT2 217218

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