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Autophagy-related protein 9A

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Protein Overview: Autophagy-related protein 9A

Plays a role in autophagy. Cycles between a juxta-nuclear trans-Golgi network compartment and late endosomes. Nutrient starvation induces accumulation on autophagosomes. Starvation-dependent trafficking requires ULK1, ATG13 and FAM48A.

Synonyms: APG9-like 1

Gene name: ATG9A

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Pongo abelii Q5RCS0 100174344
Homo sapiens Q3ZAQ6 79065
Bos taurus A5D7D0 540482
Rattus norvegicus Q5FWU3 363254
Mus musculus Q68FE2

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