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Clathrin coat assembly protein AP180

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Protein Overview: Clathrin coat assembly protein AP180

Adaptins are components of the adapter complexes which link clathrin to receptors in coated vesicles. Clathrin-associated protein complexes are believed to interact with the cytoplasmic tails of membrane proteins, leading to their selection and concentration. Binding of AP180 to clathrin triskelia induces their assembly into 60-70 nm coats.

Synonyms: 91 kDa synaptosomal-associated protein, Clathrin coat-associated protein AP180, Phosphoprotein F1-20

Gene names: Snap91, AP180

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Mus musculus Q61547 20616
Arabidopsis thaliana Q9ZVN6 839343
Rattus norvegicus Q05140 65178
Homo sapiens A8K0L7 9892

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