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Probable methylthioribulose-1-phosphate dehydratase

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Protein Overview: Probable methylthioribulose-1-phosphate dehydratase

Catalyzes the dehydration of methylthioribulose-1-phosphate (MTRu-1-P) into 2,3-diketo-5-methylthiopentyl-1-phosphate (DK-MTP-1-P). Has an anti-apoptotic function and prevents muscle ischemic damage. Inhibits the cytochrome c-dependent and APAF1-mediated cell death.

Synonyms: MTRu-1-P dehydratase

Gene names: GH11851, LbrM_28_2010, apip, GA10783, GK25216, v1g197093, GG17808, TRIADDRAFT_64275, ACYPI006933, DDB_G0284915, CBG01968, GE17104, GD17142, GL19864, GI14333, LmjF_28_1840, CG11134, LinJ_28_1960, 29994, AAEL011830, GF22600, AGAP000470, GM17635, ZC373.5, GJ19387

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Fruit fly B4JLL3 6564975
Leishmania braziliensis A4HGN7 5417107
Esox lucius C1BYA3
Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura Q29HV4 4815319
Drosophila willistoni B4NEU3 6649120
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