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Protein ELYS

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Protein Overview: Protein ELYS

Required for the assembly of a functional nuclear pore complex (NPC) on the surface of chromosomes as nuclei form at the end of mitosis. May initiate NPC assembly by binding to chromatin and recruiting the Nup107-160 subcomplex of the NPC. Also required for the localization of the Nup107-160 subcomplex of the NPC to the kinetochore during mitosis and for the completion of cytokinesis.

Synonyms: Embryonic large molecule derived from yolk sac, Protein MEL-28, Putative AT-hook-containing transcription factor 1

Gene name: Ahctf1

Database References

UniProtID GeneID
Mus musculus B2RRC8 226747
Homo sapiens A6NGM0 25909
Xenopus laevis Q5U249 397707

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