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Publications for Monoclonal Mouse anti-TP53 antibody Abcam #ab26

Monoclonal Mouse anti-TP53 antibody

  • Company: Abcam
  • Product code: ab26
  • Review rating:3.00 (2 reviews)
  • Verified publications: 10
Development, 2006
The bladder, the largest smooth-muscle organ in the human body, is responsible for urine storage and micturition. P63, a homolog of the p53 ...
PLoS ONE, 2010
Fas, a member of the tumor necrosis family, is responsible for initiating the apoptotic pathway when bound to its ligand, Fas-L. Defects in the ...
EMBO J., 2009
SnoN represses TGF-beta signalling to promote cell proliferation and has been defined as a proto-oncogene partly due to its elevated expression in ...
Anal. Chem., 2009
We report quantitative results on interactions between a tumor suppressor protein, p53, also known as a prognostic cancer marker, and its antibody. ...

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