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5-HT (Serotonin) / BSA Conjugate Control ImmunoStar, Inc #20081

5-HT (Serotonin) / BSA Conjugate Control

Product Details

1DB_ID: 1DB-001-0001488514
Company: ImmunoStar, Inc
Company product code: 20081
Product name: 5-HT (Serotonin) / BSA Conjugate Control
Product type: Peptide, Peptide Control
Size/Price: 50 µg/
Peptide name: Serotonin

Verified publications (7)

Biol. Bull., 2008
In many gastropods, a serotonin-like immunoreactive axon plexus lies over ciliary cells on the pedal sole. The origin and function of axons in this ...
J. Comp. Neurol., 2008
Chondrychthyans (cartilaginous fishes) are key to understanding the ancestral gnathostome condition since they provide an outgroup to sarcopterygians ...
Chem. Senses, 2009
We have characterized, by intracellular recording and staining combined with immunocytochemistry, a serotonin-immunoreactive neuron in the central ...
J. Comp. Neurol., 2008
Onychophora ("velvet worms") are a key taxon in the discussion of arthropod phylogeny. Studies that analyze neuroanatomical characters against a ...
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