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Mouse Cdv3 ORF cDNA clone GeneCopoeia #Mm18293

Mouse Cdv3 ORF cDNA clone

Product Details

1DB_ID: 1DB-001-0001559926
Company: GeneCopoeia
Company product code: Mm18293
Product name: Mouse Cdv3 ORF cDNA clone
Product type: Vector, Cell/Tissue Culture
Size/Price: 0/
Target: CDV3
Reacts with: Mouse
Accession Number: NM_175833.1

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About GeneCopoeia

GeneCopoeia provides solutions for functional genomics and proteomics research. Products include largest collection of ready-to-express clones for ORF cDNA, shRNA, promoters, microRNA precursors, microRNA inhibitors and microRNA 3' UTR targets; lentiviral clones, packaging kits and pre-made lentivirus; recombinant proteins and antibodies; validated primers for microRNAs, human and mouse genes; qPCR arrays; Custom services include lentivirus production, custom gene synthesis, custom cloning and protein production services.