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Polyclonal Rabbit anti-CDK1 antibody EMD Millipore #06-923

Product Details

1DB_ID: 1DB-001-0000851744
Company: EMD Millipore
Company product code: 06-923
Product name: Anti-Cdk1/Cdc2 (PSTAIR)
Product type: Primary, Antibody
Size/Price: 100 µg/
Target: CDK1
Tested applications: ICC, IP, WB
Host: Rabbit
Reacts with: Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, Drosophila, Sheep, Amphibian
Clonality: Polyclonal
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide corresponding to residues 42-57 of human cdc2 kinase. The immunogen is identical in a wide range of species.
Specificity: Cdk1/cdc2 kinase
Purity: Affinity purified
Isotype: IgG
Storage instructions: Stable for 1 year at 2-8°C from date of receipt.
Species Summary: Human, mouse and rat. Predicted to react in drosophila, monkey, canine, sheep, chicken, frog and starfish. Wide species cross-reactivity is expected.
Background: Entry of all eukaryotic cells into mitosis is regulated by activation of cdc2 kinase. Activation of cdc2 is controlled at several steps including cyclin binding and phosphorylation of Thr161. However, the critical regulatory step in activating cdc2 during progression into mitosis appears to be dephosphorylation of Tyr15 and Thr14. Phosphorylation at Tyr15 and inhibition of cdc2 is carried out by Wee1 and Myt1 protein kinases, while Tyr15 dephosphorylation and activation of cdc2 is carried out by the cdc25 phosphatase. Expression of cdc2 plays a critical role in cell transition through the G2/M phase. The activity of cdc2 in dividing cells increases at the onset of M phase coincident with disassembly of the cell nucleus, generation of mitotic spindles and chromosome condensation. Several proteins including Histone H1 and pp60src are substrates for cdc2.
Subcategory: Epigenetics & Nuclear Function
Gene ID: NM_001786

Quality control data

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Verified publications (2)

Oncogene, 2008
Polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1), the best characterized member of the mammalian polo-like kinase family, is well regulated throughout the cell cycle at the ...
Biol. Reprod., 2002
Although high amounts of cyclin B1 mRNA are present in bovine oocytes arrested at the germinal vesicle (GV) stage, the protein is not detectable. ...
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