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Polyclonal Rabbit anti-CDK1 antibody EMD Millipore #06-141

Product Details

1DB_ID: 1DB-001-0000851803
Company: EMD Millipore
Company product code: 06-141
Product name: Anti-Cdk1/Cdc2
Product type: Primary, Antibody
Target: CDK1
Tested applications: IHC, WB
Host: Rabbit
Reacts with: Mammal
Clonality: Polyclonal

Quality control data

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Verified publications (3)

J. Neurosci., 2007
A large body of evidence has shown the activation of a cohort of cell cycle regulators and the duplication of DNA in degenerating neurons of ...
J. Endocrinol., 2010
Estrogens are potent mitogens for some target organs, such as the uterus, and cancers that develop in this organ might be linked to the proliferative ...
Exp. Cell Res., 1999
NA22598, a novel antitumor compound isolated from a microbial cultured broth, inhibited the growth of human colon cancer DLD-1 cells in suspension ...
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