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Publications for Polyclonal Rabbit anti-GFP antibody Life Technologies - Novex #A11122

Polyclonal Rabbit anti-GFP antibody

J. Cell. Sci., 2007
VAMP4 is enriched in the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and functions in traffic from the early and recycling endosomes to the TGN, but its trafficking ...
Anal. Biochem., 1997
Naturally fluorescing green fluorescent protein (GFP) was separated by capillary electrophoresis (CE) and detected by laser-induced fluorescence ...
J. Cell Biol., 2000
Wingless is known to be required for induction of cardiac mesoderm in Drosophila, but the function of Wnt family proteins, vertebrate homologues of ...
Mol. Biol. Cell, 2000
Using pan-kinesin antibodies to screen a differentiating C2C12 cell library, we identified the kinesin proteins KIF3A, KIF3B, and conventional kinesin...

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