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Image Guidelines

An image is worth a thousand words so we encourage you to submit one along with your review. This will not only be helpful to users reading your review, but will earn you even more 1DB $. Reviewers must ensure the image they submit accurately represents the original data and is not a misrepresentation. When submitting images, we ask you to follow the guidelines below:

Axes must be clearly labeled on all graphs.

No feature in a figure may be enhanced, obscured, or removed.

Lanes must be clearly labeled when submitting an image of a gel or blot.

When submitting an image of a gel or blot, we prefer all samples to be shown on one, contiguous gel. In cases where all samples were run on the same gel, but the gel was later cut, the lanes must not be spliced together. Instead, lanes should be divided by a thin line delineating the borders of the gel.

In order for your image to be helpful to others, full-length gels and blots are ideal. Images cropped just around the band will not be accepted.