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Review on Aves Labs Inc. #H-1004 Polyclonal Goat anti-IgY antibody

  • WB Rating: 3
Jun 13, 2013 by
  • Application: Western blot
  • Application rating: 3 - Good (Publishable / Would use again)
  • Specificity: Specific
  • Sensitivity: Reasonably sensitive
  • Sample: Serum
  • Buffer: TRIS
  • Dilution: 1:3000

Other experiment details:

Fractions subceluar of Gallibacterium we reactions with serum positive of hen with have de diseses. We try to recognized te immunogenic proteins

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About Aves Labs Inc.

Aves Labs is a leading global provider of polyclonal chicken antibodies (IgY) and custom peptide synthesis for life science research. Our scientific expertise and innovative solutions help customers tackle complex problems from research and development to production. Specializing in high-affinity custom chicken antibody (IgY) production, antibodies can be generated against customer-supplied recombinant proteins or against synthetic peptides from protein sequences identified by Aves proprietary Immunogenicity Algorithm. As a responsible steward of Animal Welfare, Aves Labs is dedicated to the humane practice of producing polyclonal antibodies in chickens. Everything we do reflects our serious commitment to customer satisfaction, animal care, and the delivery of the highest quality antibodies.