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Review on Atlas Antibodies #HPA030947 Polyclonal Rabbit anti-BDH1 antibody

Polyclonal Rabbit anti-BDH1 antibody

  • IHC Rating: 4
Dec 01, 2011 by
  • Application: Immunohistochemistry
  • Application rating: 4 - Excellent (Publishable / Ideal reagent)
  • Specificity: Specific
  • Sensitivity: Sensitive
  • Sample: Human prostate cancer TMA
  • Buffer: BS
  • Dilution: 1/2000

Other experiment details:

We tested the expression of BDH1 in a TMA consisting of 8 normal and 40 prostate cancer tissue specimens in formalin-fixed parraffin embedded tissues. There was excellent cysoplasmic staining in the epithelial cells. We highly recommend this antibody for IHC analysis.

Additional documents:

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